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Digital inkjet fabric printer with 64 pieces of Starfire 1024 Print head

Digital inkjet fabric printer with 64 pieces of Starfire 1024 Print head

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The company’s registered capital is 30 million yuan, and it has gathered a group of high-quality, high-level scientific and technological talents with both ability and political integrity. The Boyin Technology team is formed by talents in product R&D and design, production management, marketing, corporate management, etc. It is a passionate, enterprising, pioneering and innovative team. Combine scientific and technological theory with practice; combine design with customer needs to provide customers with reliable services.



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    Dear Customers We are pleased to invite you representatives to visit our booth at the APPP EXPO 2024,where we will showcase our most quintessential digital textile printing machine. “Small But Complete”, We would like to share with you the details and benefits of our all digital printers, and ex...

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    Boyin digital printing machine, be good at Pigment digital printing , Reactive digital printing , Disperse digital printing and Acid digital printing , and Boyin digital technology to ensure the brightness of fabric color, clarity, chemical stability on the basis of the Ricoh print-heads, so that...

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