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Digital inkjet fabric printer with 64 pieces of Starfire 1024 Print head

Digital inkjet fabric printer with 64 pieces of Starfire 1024 Print head

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The company’s registered capital is 30 million yuan, and it has gathered a group of high-quality, high-level scientific and technological talents with both ability and political integrity. The Boyin Technology team is formed by talents in product R&D and design, production management, marketing, corporate management, etc. It is a passionate, enterprising, pioneering and innovative team. Combine scientific and technological theory with practice; combine design with customer needs to provide customers with reliable services.



  • BYHX cloud printer for digital textile printing machine

    BYHX Cloud Printer Management System officially launched on Feb,2023 , BYDI for the branch of BYHX with digital printing machine support lot of data during development. The digital printer status in real-time and equipment maintenance and management through multiple platforms such as  :APP, LCD,...


    It’s the great pleasure of attending the DTG Bangladesh exhibition with our digital textile printing machine feb 15-18,2023. First, the DTG Bangladesh exhibition showcased some amazing innovations. The most impressive is the digital printing machine, which can print various colors and patterns wi...

  • Boyin Digital Inkjet Printing Equipment Showed Dhaka International Textile & Garment Machinery Exhibition (DTG 2023)

    DTG 2023 Stunning Return on February 15-18 : Restart to Spur the Upgrading Technology in Textile & Garment Industries, Boyin Digital Inkjet Printing Equipment Will be on the show. DTG displaying the technical advancements, cutting-edge solutions, and latest trends of the textile & garment...

  • BYDI- If industrial directly digital printer can help u more ?

    What’s digital Printing?     As the name, it’s the printing machine with digital technology.     It is a high-tech product that integrates machinery, computer and electronic information technology. Briefly, the digital printing machine is fast in response and can be made even within one meter. ...

  • Merry X’mas & Happy New year by BOYIN Digital Technology Co., ltd

    2022 will be end  and it’s not easy for all of us, it’s really lucky that u can still read this message and we are still here! Boyin will support all of our customer and friends as aways! Hope the world peaceful and full of energy and everyone happy had Fruitful 2023!!