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Digital inkjet fabric printer with 64 pieces of Starfire 1024 Print head

Digital inkjet fabric printer with 64 pieces of Starfire 1024 Print head

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The company’s registered capital is 30 million yuan, and it has gathered a group of high-quality, high-level scientific and technological talents with both ability and political integrity. The Boyin Technology team is formed by talents in product R&D and design, production management, marketing, corporate management, etc. It is a passionate, enterprising, pioneering and innovative team. Combine scientific and technological theory with practice; combine design with customer needs to provide customers with reliable services.



  • Wrinkles and water stains appear in digital printing!

    Boyin digital printing machine is an advanced printing machine that can print high-quality patterns on a variety of fabrics. However, in the process of digital printing, there may be problems such as wrinkles and water stains, which may affect the quality and appearance of the print. Why do wrin...

  • Boyin and Ricoh together to bring a new shock to the printing industry!!!!

    XC11-48TH is also a new model launched by Boyin Digital at this  ITMA exhibition. It also the first textile printing equipment equipped with Ricoh TH6310F printing head in China. As a new printhead developed by Ricoh for the textile industry, the Ricoh TH6310F printhead uses MEMS technology to t...

  • Boyin’s newly developed 72 print-head machine debuted and sold!

    Every printing media at the exhibition are rushing to interview Boyin, and this year Boyin  also lives up to expectations,not only bringing the latest research and development products, but also the first domestic use of double beam and double rail scanning printing machine,     With t...

  • Enjoy Playing Colour with Boyin

    2023 is the first year of letting go of the epidemic, the beginning of “all things recovery”, and the first year of everyone restarting travel. With the runway shows released by major fashion brands, Boyin found that the rhythm of 2024 spring and summer clothing is focused on the R...

  • Winter maintenance and care of digital printing machine(2)

    Boyin treat every machine, every nozzle is full of care.Nozzles are like our children, they need careful, patient and gentle treatment. Next, Boyin will continue to introduce how to maintain the machine and nozzles in winter ② Pay attention to static electricity and dust The winter weather is ver...